These are some of my interests .. 
1. Astronomy - (click on the Astronomy meun item above to see some images. 

2. Computers - How To Put Together a Computer from a Barbone System (seen at the bottom of Homepage)
3. Creating Internet Video / Programming  
Quick way to get rid of a faulty thermostat ( comedy )  I had fun doing this, it was my first try using Hitfilm.
Dog who ate bad leftover beans ( comedy ) This one was really funny doing.  Got a good laugh out of it!
4. Creating 3D Environments - (Check out the Atmosphere menu above if you haven't already done so.) 
5. Meteorology - Hurricane Irene August 28, 2011 and Freak Snowstorm October 30, 2011 
6. Music (Note: Both pieces are still a 'work in progress'.) 
Both of the pieces below were adapted to be played on a 49-key midi keyboard. The Toccata and Fugue were able to be done on this small keyboard, however this piece of music was written for Organ. The Midi keyboard does not come with a pedal board, therefore I played some of the pedal parts with the left hand. 
It was more difficult to play Handel's Organ Concert ( Orgelkonzerte ) on this keyboard because I needed one more note.. ( a 'D' to the right of the last note ( 'C' ) on the keyboard. My little finger ended up hitting the black part of the midi keyboard case. LOL   All in all, it came out fairly well.

I will place a video here very soon, which will replace the one currently on this page.  The future video will show me playing the Handel's Orgelkonzerte on an three manual Austin Pipe Organ at St. Lawrence Church in Killingworth, CT.  I was preparing for an upcoming concert that took place on December 13, 2014.
Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D Minor (done on the MK-4902 49-key keyboard for computer music). Yikes! =:O
G.F. Handel's Orgelkonzerte Nr. 2B-Dur (opus 4) Helmuth Walcha (will be replaced by an updated video)