Atmosphere Tutorials
You may view these video tutorials in full screen by double-clicking in the video window.  To return the video window back to its normal size, simply double-click on the video window again. 
The following Video Tutorials may be viewed on-demand, or they may be saved to your computer. To save to your computer, Right-Click on the link, and choose "Save Target As", then choose the folder you wish to save these videos to. In this way you will have them for future reference. 
**** NOTE: You will need Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.5 or higher to run Adobe Atmosphere Worlds, but you must now manually download the Player Plugin and do a manual install. Viewpoint no longer supports the automatic download and install. You may download the Player Plugin from the Adobe FTP site. I recommend that you download both versions (AtmospherePlayer212d.exe as well as AtmospherePlayer216.exe), and save them to a safe place, e.g., a Data CD or USB Stick / Flash Drive). *** I also recommend that you install the AtmospherePlayer212d.exe rather than version 216. Something is broken in version 216, and movement in many worlds run rather sluggishly at times with a jerk, jerk, jerk movement. This does not happen with version 212d.
In addition, the Atmosphere Worlds  can run in the Firefox Browser as well as Google Chrome browser. I had to install the IETab Plugin in Firefox and the IETab Addon in Google Chrome.  Click on the Video Button below to see how it works.  Very simple to do.
The Atmosphere Player Plugin
If you do not have the Atmosphere Player Plugin, you must first download then install it. The FTP URL is shown below. Choose the following version.


A Video Tutorial in Windows Media Format is available by clicking on the link below:
The Windows XP Pro is installed the same way, but without all the "security girations", so is not covered here.
Video Tutorials on the various panels in atmosphere

Bookmarks is like saving favorite websites.  In Atmosphere you can save favorite worlds to the panel. 

When visitors enter an Atmosphere world, you wear an avatar.  This avatar is a 3D graphical representation of you.

Docking Palettes is a very convenient way to access any menu such as Users, Avatars, Bookmarks, Controls, Setting Preferences, etc.

Setting Preferences is how users can set Hardware or Software Rendering, choose to save chatlogs, the speed at which avatars move in a world, etc.

OnScreen Menu is another option that is available in an Atmosphere World.  Users can Right-Click within the world window to open a hidden menu.

Special Options are available for Users, Avatars and the Bookmarks Panel.  The video above will show what these options are and how to use them while you are in an Atmosphere world.

This tutorial is for Windows 7.  Similar to the Windows XP and XP pro, it will show you how to chat using the original Adobe Atmosphere world using the same yacp setup ofl yacp:// server url.  Same secret Hosts file.

This tutorial is for Windows XP and XPpro
It shows how to chat in an old Adobe Atmosphere world using the original yacp:// server url.
The secret is the use of the Windows Hosts file.

Atmosphere 1.0 (known as the "Builder")

The "Builder" is used to create the 3D worlds.  Several functions will be covered as well as a few "tricks" that will help users of the Atmosphere Program.  More video Tutorials will be added.  Simply click on the buttons below to access the videos.
Atmosphere Server 1.5  (AtmoServer)

The Atmosphere Collaboration Server Source Project allows communication with the 3D Atmosphere World. The chat function allow for collaboration as well as the user of Shared Objects & more.
* The following Video Tutorials will be coming soon
The Atmosphere Server 1.5 may be downloaded by anyone running Linux. Click the DOWNLOAD button below:
The Username is: Atmo122012
The Password  is: Atmo12182012
Download README_FIRST.pdf