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The Atmosphere Forum is a place for anyone who is still using Adobe Atmosphere.

For all who are interested in keeping Atmosphere alive, this forum can be a great resource if you wish to ressurrect your worlds.

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You will have to register to post content.  You will also have to correctly answer a question that all members of the Atmojunkies group on Facebook will know, so this is for members only.
Click on the above heading to access the Public Worlds Listing.  The Public Worlds Listing page shows all Atmosphere Worlds that were made public by their creators.

This is made possible by the use of a ctl file (worldname.ctl).  To make a world public, the creators of the worlds must place a line of code like this:  Private = N

If the world is intended to be private, then the code is: Private = Y
or omit this line. (default is private)

There are other lines of information that should be placed in the control file such as follows:

Description = World Name
MaxPeople = 20 (or any number)
Headroom = 5     ( MaxPeople / 4 )
DefaultChat = Y   ( N for no chat )
Private = N           ( or Y or omit )
ModeratorPass = JoyBTWpVPC2ho
(your code will be different)
BroadcastPass= JoyBTWpVPC2ho
(your code will be different)

Language=English (or another)
Category = General Chat (or other)
Contact = you@yoursite.com

Click on the above heading to access the Public World Stats.  This will show a listing of Populated worlds (if any), and the number of people in these worlds.

Anyone may enter a 3D Atmosphere World if you already have the Atmosphere Player Plugin installed.

If you do not have this player plugin, you may download it from the Adobe FTP site.  The player plugin is free and will run in Microsoft Internet Explorer and will run in Windows XP, XP PRO, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and the future Windows 10 (I hope).  It will also run on a MAC with Windows emulation.

In addition, I and others have successfully accessed worlds in Mozilla Firefox with IETab installed as well as Google Chrome with the IETAB Addon.

Click           to optain a free copy of the player plugin from Adobe.

*** I strongly recommend that you *** download version 212d.


It is a safe plugin and has been around since 2003.  My Antivirus software rates it as safe, and I have been using it since 2003.

The later version 216 is broken. Something is not right with that version, as worlds with lots of motion tend to run sluggishly with a jerk, jerk, jerk movement even in acceleration mode.

If you have a Video card that is supported by the Atmosphere program, then you should be in Acceleration Rendering mode when you enter an Atmosphere world.

If not, then your video card is not on the program support list.

You can  download the free HWCONFIG.EXE program (also virus free and) HERE.

Install it, run it, then follow the directions to configure the  Atmosphere program to use your video card. Once completed, enter any Atmosphere world.  You should now have Hardware Acceleration Rendering.  

On the left hand side of this page, there is a section where you can find out about the  Atmosphere Tutorials. Simple click on the title.  You will then be taken to the Tutorials page.  You will find a video tutorial that will show how to install HWCONFIG.EXE and how to use the program to configure your Atmosphere Player plug-in.

Worlds will appear sharp and run smoothly at this point.  There is also a tutorial on installation of the player plugin, and many other tutorials on the Atmosphere Tutorials Page.

This section of where you can find Adobe Atmosphere Tutorials.  Most are in the form of videos, and are in the Windows Media Format.
Click on the above title for  Atmosphere Tutorials.

 Here are some of my Atmosphere Worlds  
  Click on the image

A 3D World of the largest volcano in our solar system.

Olympus Mons is an inactive volcano at present.  It is Huge!!!

Created from a DEM file.
  Click on the image

A 3D World called Town.  This is a sci-fi world.  I placed a spaceship in it that visitors can fly.  Word commands are like the ones in Cydonia.  There is also a Chat bot than visitors can communicate with.
 Click on the image

A 3D World of a small section of Cydonia region on Mars at 36N x 12W.  There is a synchronized sci-fi spaceship that users can fly by entering word commands in the chat line. Created from a DEM file.
  Click on the image.

A 3D World called SpaceVoyage.  An interesting world that visitors enter through a room in a space ship which "flying" in some remote region of space.  Take the lift to the upper deck and clidk HELP on Panel.
   Click on the image

Lostnight was created by the Atmosphere Development Team.  I made one modification by adding a moving water element.
    Click on the image

Stormworld created by me.  Through the Havok engine, I employed the SimpleRigidWindAction
which simulates wind.  
   (wind on the tree)
   Click on the image

South Seas Chat was created by Eric Chan.  I have placed it here as a memory of the earlier beta Builder, as it was called. Love the sunset.
  Click on the Image

Originally created by the Atmosphere Team, and modified by me.  Added a Total Solar Eclipse, a few stars, and orange glow sky effect.
More 3D Worlds will be added soon.
   Click on the Image

Island was created by me.  You can hear birds and ocean waves.  The tides rise and lower by the time of day or night.
Dynamic lighting is used and the direction of sunlight moves by the hour.  Nice effect!