I welcome you to my Astronomy page.  Currently I only have a few photos here (Astrophotography) from back in the 1970's.  My telescope had a clock drive, which was used for the timed exposures.  I no longer do photography nor develop my own black and white film.  The digital age as I call it, is here.  I do not own a digital camera at present, but may purchase one in the future.  It would be interesting if it came with an accessory to mount it on my telescope, and take a timed digital photo.  I would hope that a feature like that is incorporated in these digital cameras.  Another great feature would be an adapter that would allow people to mount it to the telescope where the lense attachment normally goes.  If this is the case, then it would be worth investing in it.  I would then be able to take some great images from the night sky and place them here.

Below are some images that I took back in the 1970's using a Minolta 35 mm camera with black and white film, which I developed.  The time period was between 1975 through 1977.  One exception is the Christmas Eve morning of December 24, 1973.  I was in Fall River, MA and used my mom's regular camera with color film in it and snapped a picture of the sun while holding a solar filter in front of the lense.  Is was a crystal clear day without any clouds.  The result was a nice image of the partial eclipse.

The image above was a timed 5 minute exposure of a section of the Northern Sky as seen in Fall River, MA in August of 1975. There are a few interesting features here that I cannot explain -- don't know what these are. Note the white "blotch" in the left section of the image. Also take note to the line-like object in the upper center, and just to the lower left of that object, there is what appears to be another strange formation of stars that almost seem to be in the mark of an "X". I have no idea what these objects are. I developed this picture along with the others shown below (except for the solar eclipse image which was a color film and developed professionally), myself. I even re-washed the negative and dried it, then made this print again, and the results were the same as you see above. Also take note that the rest of the stars in this image show no apparent movement of the camera during the process, yet these strange objects still appear in the configuration you see above. Very interesting uh? The mysteries of the universe seem to be unlimited. 
Moon Trail.  A 2 hour timed exposure taken in May, 1977 in Fall River, MA (my backyard).
The image on the left shows the Christmas Eve morning Partial Solar Eclipse that took place on December 24, 1973.

The image at the right shows clouds moving past the upper part of the moon.                  ──>

Sunspot on the solar disk. The scratches on the image above were from the negative.